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Navajo ABID Study: Phase II

2023 - 2026

Phase II is a follow-up study to further investigate
H. pylori treatment challenges and reinfection risks

Participate in the
Navajo ABID Study 
Phase II


We will conduct 1 hour interviews to learn about your experience with Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) treatment

You may be eligible if you are:

  • 18 years old or older

  • Live on the Navajo Nation

  • Took medication to treat Helicobacter pylori stomach infection in the last 3 years


Share your story

Participant recruitment for Phase II will include all five agencies of the Navajo Nation.

In Phase II, we will use clinical data and stories from interviews to further understand how to reduce the stomach cancer burden in the Navajo Nation

Study II

We will use health records of H. pylori-infected adult patients from the Navajo Area Indian Health Service (IHS) to: 

  • Examine H. pylori reinfections and persistent infections 

  • Identify contributing factors to H. pylori reinfections (e.g. history of peptic ulcers, smoking, alcohol use, etc.)

AIM 1:

AIM 2:

We will conduct interviews with Navajo adults about their experiences with H. pylori treatment. 

How is H. pylori

7-14 days of antibiotics, 
Proton Pump Inhibitors,   
& Bismuth Therapy

However, treatment of H. pylori is not always successful.

Treatment challenges include:
Reinfection: new diagnosis after eradication
Persistent infection: continued infection with treatment
Combined and long-term use of medications
Poor adherence:
completing antibiotic treatment
Antibiotic resistance
Healthcare costs
Structural failures: Poor medical instructions, inadequate medication information, dissatisfaction with providers. 

These challenges pose a serious health concern for patients diagnosed with H. pylori, leading to an increased risk of gastrointestinal diseases and cancer. 

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