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Navajo ABID Study: Phase I

2019 - 2022

Phase I aimed to recruit 150 adult participants from two geographic areas on the Navajo Nation- the Northern Navajo Agency and the Fort Defiance Agency. Combined, these areas represent just over 40% of the Navajo Nation population

Who participated in Phase I?

Phase I Conclusions

Over half of study participants were infected with H. pylori.

Over three-fourths of participants were infected with an H. pylori cag-A strain type. Thus, a large proportion of H. pylori cases had a H. pylori strain type that can deliver cag-A proteins into stomach cells to interrupt cell activity, increase immune response, and increase disease severity.

Participants who reported having H. pylori in the past had a lower chance of having H. pylori during the study. 

Participants with a high consumption of Soups and Mixed dishes diet had a higher chance of H. pylori infection compared to participants with low consumption.

How can I prevent H. pylori infection?

Practice good hand washing

Regular hand washing, especially after using the bathroom and before you prepare food, helps prevent
H. pylori infection.

Eat healthy foods

Be physically active

Talk with your healthcare provider

Increase your overall health by eating foods rich in fruits and vegetables. 

Exercise can improve your digestive system and maintain a healthy weight. 

If you are having symptoms, such as abdominal pain, heartburn, weight loss, or you notice changes in your stool, talk with your primary healthcare provider.

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