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  • Is the sample collection bag dissolvable?

The bag used to collect your sample can be flushed in the toilet. The bag will eventually breakdown and dissolve over time.




  • When will I get my laboratory results?

We conduct our laboratory test for Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) in stool samples in batches. That means we might need to wait for samples from other study participants to be collected before we can test your sample. Your lab results will be stored securely and be kept confidential, and then mailed to you after it has been analyzed.




  • Why should I participate in this study?

You would help us understand what factors impact the health of the stomach and gut that are related to the development of stomach cancer in Navajo adults. This information will help inform health providers and cancer prevention activities on the Navajo Nation and identify future studies.


  • Will my name be associated with the data?

Your name and any identifying information will NOT be shared with the public, or be included in any reports, meetings, or articles. I will assign a unique code to your data and sample. This unique code will help protect your identity and will be kept in a secured database system within the University of Washington.

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